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IPMM 71: LongCon, Faith and Religion in Games

“Quick – poop and flee!”

Dave talks about going to the inaugural Chicago LongCon and playing in Jen‘s great three-session Monsterhearts game.  Then the cast discusses religion, faith, and inscrutable power in general in games.  Is faith something that can be explored in games?  How can you bring a sense of the mysterious/numinous into your game?


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IPMM 69: The Social Justice Episode

“… but that implies your average male gamer thinks of women as people.”

This episode is mostly bitching.  Forgive us.

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IPMM 59: Saga!

“I Podcast Magic Missile: Inventing new stereotypes since 2012!”

In which we gush about one of the best comics currently in print, and also talk abut a bunch of other stuff.  This was also the first episode (chronologically) for friend-of-the-cast Elle, who will be joining us periodically.

Note: Caitlin mentions drawing pictures of the AW New Sodom cast; we’ll post them as soon as they’re done.

Stuff we talk about:

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IPMM 51 – Bonus Episode: Skill and Magic Systems

“Submachine Gun: The Submachine-Gunning”

As Dave and Yanni prepare to go off to Indy for GenCon, we’re tossing out a relatively short round-table with three of our hosts.  In this episode, we talk about D&D Next, then about skill and magic systems in role-playing games in general.  We come to the following conclusions:

  • We like skill systems that let heroic characters do stuff
  • We like magic systems that are open-ended, not ones that make you pick from pre-generated lists of spells

Also, at one point, Dave refers to “Old School Revolution” – it’s actually “Old School Renaissance” [Sorry. –Ed].

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