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IPMM 25: Monsterhearts Episode 2

“Hash tag #butts”

We had some homework before the session: draw what’s on our characters’ desks in homeroom. The results were… somewhat predictable.

Then, Chloe and Mara see a movie, we find out some of the students have gone missing, the girls have an impromptu makeover, and Gabe does a bunch of dumb stuff.

We also spend some time figuring out how the moves and strings work.

Standard disclaimer applies: This is a game with some serious themes and strong language. Listen at your own discretion.


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IPMM 24: Monsterhearts Episode 1

“I’ve given you everything.”

Disclaimer/Trigger Warning: The content of this Actual Play may disturb some listeners. Topics may include teen sexuality, abuse (sexual, physical, emotional), rape, body-shaming/eating disorders, and criminal activity.  We do not pull punches, though we try to give serious issues the gravity they deserve.  If this doesn’t seem like the sort of thing you want to listen to, go listen to our Apocalypse World APs instead (they’re way tamer – no, seriously).

With that out of the way, this season of Joe McDaldno’s Monsterhearts features:

  • Will as Chloe, the Infernal
  • Duncan as Robin, the Mortal
  • Caitlin as Mara, the Ghoul
  • Joanna as Chassie, the Werewolf
  • Dave as Gabriel, the Chosen
  • … and Yanni as the MC

This recording covers the introduction to the game, character creation, and our first day of class.  Hope you enjoy it!



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IPMM 23: Vesna Thaw, Part 2


This concludes our play of NDP Design’s “microgame”, Vesna Thaw.

You can listen to Part 1 here.

We decided that everyone should go out in a blaze of glory, but that only extended the game by a few scenes.  Overall, though, the game was already probably a bit too long for the concept.


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IPMM 22: Vesna Thaw, Part 1

“In a hole. Full of radiation. With no sunlight. And no food. Also sewage.”

This is Part 1 of NDP Design’s “microgame”, Vesna Thaw. It’s a fun little game (and I emphasize “little” – the rules fit on about eight pages) that has each player piloting a giant robot in post-nuclear-holocaust Soviet Russia.

The most fun part of this game was collaboratively drawing the robots:

Claw Robot

Duncan’s Claw Robot from Vesna Thaw

Parasol Robot

Will’s Parasol Robot from Vesna Thaw

Racecar Robot

Dave’s Racecar Robot from Vesna Thaw

Bat Robot

Yanni’s Bat Robot from Vesna Thaw

After that, play was fun but long. We’ve broken the audio into two episodes, each about an hour and a half long.


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Monsterhearts Cheat Sheet

We’re about to start putting up our Monsterhearts play recordings, and one of the things we have noticed playing the game is that, while flavorful, the quick reference sheets provided at Buried Without Ceremony are hard to navigate.

So, as a service to all the awesome gamer folk out there, we’ve created our own, color-coded cheat sheet for the game.  It’s got most of the information on the MH cheat sheet, and everything you’ll need for regular play is on one side of a page. It’s also released under a Creative Commons license so you can remix it any way you like for your own games.


MonsterheartsCheatSheet (Word format)

MonsterheartsCheatSheet (PDF format)


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