IPMM 50: Microscope

“A temple of bricks and bodies”

We’ve got actual play from Microscope, an innovative story game from Ben Robbins and Lame Mage Productions!  Microscope is a “fractal” story game that allows a small group of players to create an entire history – anywhere from decades to eons – and then zoom in on particularly interesting characters and details.  Microscope is a great standalone game but it can also be used to generate the campaign world and backstory for a more traditional RPG.

Microscope uses index cards on the table to track time periods, events, and scenes.  Here’s what things looked like after we were done [spoilers – you might not want to look until after you listen].

For this game, we had Blake, Dave, Joanna, Yanni, and Will.  We actually played with too many people (recommended is 2-4), but it didn’t break the game too badly.  At the end, we mention Kingdom, a new game by the same designer that’s coming out very soon!

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