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IPMM 54: Death and Stupid

“Note to self: revise life goals”

We bring Blake back in for a discussion of character death in (more traditional) role-playing games.  What does it add?  What design considerations have to be given?  What GM/player considerations have to be given?

We also talk about playing characters who are much dumber (or smarter) than you.

Topics covered include:

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IPMM 51 – Bonus Episode: Skill and Magic Systems

“Submachine Gun: The Submachine-Gunning”

As Dave and Yanni prepare to go off to Indy for GenCon, we’re tossing out a relatively short round-table with three of our hosts.  In this episode, we talk about D&D Next, then about skill and magic systems in role-playing games in general.  We come to the following conclusions:

  • We like skill systems that let heroic characters do stuff
  • We like magic systems that are open-ended, not ones that make you pick from pre-generated lists of spells

Also, at one point, Dave refers to “Old School Revolution” – it’s actually “Old School Renaissance” [Sorry. –Ed].

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