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IPMM 12: The Grind

“It turns out bludgeoning weapons also draw blood.”

This is another potpourri discussion.  We start with hacking the 4th Edition D&D item system (which is definitely in need of hacking). We discuss how weapon proficiencies in D&D have evolved over time (and where the odd AD&D proficiencies came from). Then we talk about how to make story and encounters more interesting in D&D and other combat-heavy traditional games – or not. That kicks off talk about grind in games.

Stuff we reference:


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IPMM 11: Apocalypse World Season 2 Episode 2

“There’s at least two of him.”

Found has some terrible ideas. Creepy NPC is creepy. Lots of planning and plotting.

In other words, just a typical day in Apocalypse World.


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IPMM 10: Taking the Initiative, Violence in Apocalypse World

“You jump in that hole!”

In this episode, we discover that sometimes it’s better to play angry. We discuss what players should do when the plot stalls and the GM isn’t doing anything (consensus: do anything – worst case is you die).

Then we talk about the current Apocalypse World campaign. Everyone is concerned Will is planning too far ahead. Dave says how he’d handle it if Will continued in that direction, but happily everyone agrees on Plan B.  We talk about hard player moves in Apocalypse World and what everyone can do to make them more interesting. We focus a lot on seize by force – what it is, what it means, how to make it more interesting. Then we discuss the violence mechanics in AW more broadly.

Stuff that comes up:


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IPMM 09: Apocalypse World Season 2 Episode 1

“What the hell happened to you?”

We return to Sunktown three years later for the conclusion of our two-part Apocalypse World campaign.

A lot has changed.  A lot has not.

This session is quite long because we do “love letters”, get to know the new characters, and catch up on what’s happening in the old characters’ lives before the actual play starts.  This one is a little slow because we’re feeling out the characters and the new environment, but over the course of Season 2 we make huge improvements in play speed and scene framing (we learned a lot playing this campaign).

Dave is the MC. Here’s the cast:

  • Caitlin as Big Fucker, the Faceless and Boo, the Angel
  • Will as Found, the Hocus
  • Yanni as Eliza, the Savvyhead and Twice, the Operator
  • Duncan as Absinthe, the Battlebabe and Ricarra, the Hardholder

IPMM 09: Apocalypse World Season 2 Episode 1

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IPMM 08: Sex and Relativity

“But not at the same time.”

In this banter episode we start out talking sex – sex in tabletop RPGs, sex in real life, sex in LARP. We reference the Walking Eye’s LARP episode, which is outstanding (If you are listening to this you’ve probably already listened to that).

Then the conversation drifts to relativity, causality, and why faster-than-light travel – while a staple of science fiction – might not actually work in practice.

It’s stimulating stuff, if perhaps not so focused.

IPMM 08 – Discussion – Assorted Topics

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IPMM 07: On Mighty Thews

“What exactly is an anti-eunuch?”

We take a break from Apocalypse World to play On Mighty Thews, a rules-light indie RPG which evokes the feel of old-fashioned Sword and Sorcery stories like Robert E. Howard’s Conan the Barbarian.

We… took it in a bit of a different direction.

On Mighty Thews’ primary mechanic (which Dave explains in the podcast) allows for players to insert facts into the narration when they roll well.  So we got cursed amulets, compliments used as currency, hobos, ninja turtles, eunuchs, and anti-eunuchs in what turned out to be a ridiculous – and hilarious – fantasy romp.


IPMM 07 – Interlude – On Mighty Thews

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IPMM 06: Apocalypse World Season 1 Finale

“The Final Showdown”

In this final episode of Season 1, we get to see Boo and Ricarra as PCs for the first time – defending Skull Head from the Sunktown invasion! Back in Sunktown, Found finally makes his move, and something Caitlin had been keeping in Big Fucker’s back pocket suddenly becomes relevant.

Hold on to your seats, folks, because it’s gonna be a wild ride!

IPMM 06 – Apocalypse World Season 1 Finale

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IPMM 05: The Business of Video Games

“The only time Dave’s life experience is actually relevant.”

In this banter episode, we talk about habituation and social media games, how modern games are funded, produced, and published, and why lots of games have on-disk DLC.

Dave shares some of his knowledge from working in the video game industry – how publishers and developers actually make money, and why piracy isn’t the biggest threat to AAA games.  We also talk about the gap between indie and AAA games and why crowdfunding is critical for small games (and really most small-time content creators).

Finally we get all nostalgic and hearken back to a time when big production values weren’t necessary for a great video game.

IPMM 05 – Discussion – The Business of Video Games

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IPMM 04: Apocalypse World Season 1 Episode 6

“Bad Religion”

In the penultimate episode of Season 1, we watch a church service, delve deep into the psychic malestrom, and finally get a good look at Found’s god.

This was actually the first half of the last session, which was a marathon. We never had a session this long again; optimal Apocalypse World (and Powerd by the Apocalypse games) session length seems to be 2-4 hours with breaks.

IPMM 04 – Apocalypse World Season 1 Episode 6

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IPMM 03: Wargames, Long Games, and H.G. Wells

“Balls to the Cashier”

This is mostly banter from before one of our sessions, but we cover a lot of ground on games you can blow a whole day on, and some nasty tricks games with collectible pieces (minis, cards) use to get more of your money.  Topics covered:

IPMM 03 – Discussion – Long Games


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