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IPMM 99: SCP (not SCUP)


In this episode we indulge our love for the creepy and supernatural in a review of Secure, Contain, Protect (SCP), one of the greatest group-curated creepypasta sites on the web.  We talk about how SCP can teach us things about writing good horror – or running good horror games, as well as mining SCP directly for ideas.  Other stuff covered:

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IPMM 98: The Sword, the Crown, and the Unspeakable Power, Episode 5

“Reaping Day”

Reaping Day here! The banquet is prepared! The people are excited for the town celebration! The only ingredients remaining are murder and mayhem, which the PCs are more than willing to add.

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Bonus Episode – 1d4Con 2014

In which we recap our brief visit to 1d4Con in Winchester Virginia, organized by the 1d4Cast people.

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