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IPMM 86: Bleed

“I wanna bleed as much as possible.”

In this episode, we discuss bleed – how we let our characters’ experiences in our games affect our own emotions.  We talk about why we like it, how we achieve it, and what we can do to make gaming a safe experience when there is a lot of bleed.

Note: the effect Caitlin is talking about is actually the McCollough Effect. (We got close!)

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IPMM 85: Ladies’ Night!

“Keep adding or removing terms until your answer is right.”

In this episode, we talk about “Ladies’ Night” at the local game store, a brilliant way to bring women and girls into the hobby.

Trigger warning: we talk about horrific bodily injuries starting around 33:45 to around 40:45

Other topics covered:

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IPMM 84: AW New Sodom, FINALE!

“…and I feel fine.”

This is it, folks. The episode where all the loose ends get tied up, all the mysteries are solved, and everyone lives happily ever after.


Seriously, though, this is Apocalypse World.  Everything’s gonna go to bloody hell in a handbasket.  What did you expect, anyway?

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IPMM 83: Bonus Episode – Nick Cage, Impostor Syndrome

“Do you even knit, bro?”

This is another potpurri episode.  Our mic cable was busted so we recorded on my laptop; the sound quality is not great but we promise you’ll still be entertained!

Stuff we cover:

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IPMM 82: Story Time – Delve Night, Part 1

Code word: #pizzanewspaperswerve

Blake and Highcove are back with stories from Delve Night, their series of open, one-shot encounters at the game store inspired by a similar (but short-lived) program by Wizards of the Coast.  The hosts talk about how their version of Delve Night started and what they learned about cooperative GMing and encounter design.

We’ve also added a new feature to Story Time. Each episode, the hosts will introduce a new hashtag they’ve invented. Use it in your Twitter, G+, and Facebook posts, and we’ll see if it catches on!

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