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IPMM 35: Monsterhearts Episode 7


In this episode, we learn that nobody has much interest in keeping secrets.  We meet Chassie’s new pack.  Chloe, Brain, and Robin return to school after the… incident, and nobody really wants to deal with the army of police and grief counselors that have descended.  Finally, Gabe and Marcel meet in person for the first time.

Standard Disclaimer/Trigger Warning: take of (alleged) rape, teen sex, fighting and physical abuse. Listen at your own risk.



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IPMM 34: Comic Sans

“Leave Justin Bieber alone!”

In this rather rambling banter episode, we cover a bunch of ground, including where the infamous Comic Sans font came from, the “new sincerity”, and how we feel about exploits in console games.

If you’d prefer to skip everything else, actual RPG discussion only happens near the end, starting at about 32 minutes.  We cover player agency, mostly in the context of our Monsterhearts game. What happens when the MC takes control of a PC, even temporarily?  How can you make it interesting and not unfun for the player?

Topics worthy of linking:


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IPMM 33: Monsterhearts Episode 6

“Erotic Subtext”

Before the recording we watched a rather disturbing music video. It is not available on YouTube and I refuse to link it here, but needless to say there are teens and extreme body horror.  If you’ve seen it, you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about. If you haven’t, good for you.

In this episode:

  • Chassie, Robin, Gabe, and Mara return to the haunted house. It goes poorly.
  • Then, Gabe and Mara have a quiet moment alone. It goes poorly.
  • Then Chloe shows up. It goes… well?  Whatever — YOLO!

Disclaimer: Standard content and trigger warnings apply. This is Monsterhearts, after all.


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IPMM 32: Interlude: The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen II

“No one expects the Spanish Inquisition!”

We play our favorite incredible old story/drinking game again!

In this edition:

  • Caitlin rights the Leaning Tower of Pisa
  • Will creates a terrifying human-animal hybrid
  • Joanna goes deep-sea diving
  • Duncan saves the royal family of Sweeden (again)
  • We hear an epic retelling of Yanni Versus the Volcano
  • Dave experiences tragedy following in Gulliver’s footsteps


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IPMM 31: Monsterhearts Episode 5


In this episode of Monsterhearts, Chassie and Gabe go huntin’ and things get a little heated. Gabe learns something about Chassie’s family’s past.  Chloe starts doing real damage, and the rest of the gang decide they’re going to check out that haunted house again.

Disclaimer/Trigger Warning: there is a really, really uncomfortable scene involving physical assault and a false allegation of rape near the end of the episode. If this is not your cup of tea, you can stop listening around 1:06 in the audio, when Mara drops Chloe off at Brian’s house. You won’t be missing all that much.


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IPMM 30: The Eternal Dr. Wurmple

“In which we discuss some things that were relevant about a month ago, and some things that were relevant years ago.”

In this remarkably focused discussion, we talk about our formative years playing video games, and specifically, about the games which captured us for marathon play sessions.

This is bracketed by a couple of rants by Dave (one of which he gets to put his game dev hat back on for) and the story of possibly one of the longest-lived Pokemon of all time.

Topics covered:



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IPMM 29: Monsterhearts Episode 4

“The Big Game”

In this episode, the characters deal with the aftermath of the slaughter at the haunted house and of Chloe’s party. Rumors fly and tensions heat up before the opening football game of the season.


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Bonus Episode: Forge Midwest 2013 Report

Exactly what it says on the tin: Dave regales the cast of his adventures in Madison, Wisconsin.

This is a short one.  Enjoy!



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IPMM 28: Innovations in Modern Gaming

“…but not as overused as the gambler’s phallus.”

In this episode, Yanni talks about introducing “traditional” gamers to Apocalypse World, and we analyze some of the innovations that set modern games apart from their older cousins.  Here’s a (partial) list of the things we came up with; not every game does every one of them, but having more seems to be better than having fewer, and some of them can be worked into any game:

  • Make failure interesting.
  • Make the rules about what the game is supposed to be about.
  • Reward the players for doing the things you want to see in the game.
  • Create mechanics that are win-win.
  • Add mechanics/rewards to the stuff players will do anyway.
  • Include rules or guidance for scene-framing.
  • Try to create a common vision/agenda for the game and the fiction among the players.

Here’s the audio link:


And here are some of the topics touched on in the podcast:


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IPMM 27: Monsterhearts Episode 3


In this episode of Monsterhearts, Chloe throws a costume party which Gabe promptly trashes.

Meanwhile, Mara, Chassie, and Robin get sidetracked and the PC’s get their first whiff of the season’s Big Bad.

Everything goes downhill from there.

This episode was pivotal – it set the tone for much of what happened over the rest of the season.  It was also the first time anyone hit their Darkest Self – but we won’t spoil any more of it for you.  Sit back, strap in, and enjoy!

Standard disclaimer applies: This is a game with some serious themes and strong language. Listen at your own discretion.



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