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Holiday Hiatus

Because our backlog is getting thin, and because most people are busy for the next couple of weeks, we’re going to hold off releasing an episode until after the holidays.

Happy holidays to all of our listeners!  Hope your travels are safe, your parties are awesome, and your 2014 is even better than your 2013!

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Live GameScreen 2.5.0 released, now with network support!

Live GameScreen is a product Dave Fried and Matthew Highcove  provide for free that people can use to create a more immersive tabletop role-playing experience.

New features in 2.5.0 include:

  • You can now view the player screen on a separate computer (instead of requiring a second monitor) using the included Live PlayerScreen software.
  • Fate Accelerated and Fate Core (by Evil Hat Productions) are now supported.

Direct download link:

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IPMM 76: AW New Sodom, Episode 9


Susan and Marrow plan an assault on Omie Wise’s complex. Grace is almost captured.  Marrow puts on a show, and Mr. Silver makes him an offer he can’t refuse.  Man and Autumn have their first interaction (it doesn’t go well for her).  Lively feeds the bears.

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IPMM 75: Fucking Moffat

“Science fiction has created a superior Jesus.”

In this discussion episode, we kvetch about Steven Moffat, current writer for Doctor Who, and how the show’s writing may not be as spectacular as it used to be.  We also talk about what we like about the Doctor’s character – and other hyper-competent, somewhat inscrutable characters like him.

Remarkably, very few spoilers in this one!

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IPMM Host Guest-Stars on Obsidian Portal’s “Haste!” Podcast

Our guest host/Story Time co-star, Matthew Highcove, has also just made an appearance on the Haste! podcast over at Obsidian Portal.

Go give it a listen!

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IPMM 73: AW New Sodom, Episode 8

“Kiddie Pool”

In this installment of our continuing Apocalypse World saga, Marrow tries to get Susan to come out of his shell, Lively gets inside of Man’s head and makes some… alterations, Man subsequently freaks Grace out, more dinner plans are laid, there is news of an impending arrival at the Goldmine, and the Wolves finally come en force for Grace.

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IPMM 74: Story Time #3 – The One Piece Campaign (Part 2)

“Yeah, we skipped #73 – it’ll be up later.”

Our guest hosts continue telling us about their campaign based on the One Piece anime/manga franchise. They recap the comic highlights of the campaign, and what they learned from running it.

We’ve broken this episode up into two pieces because irony.

Part two will be released next week.  We’ll probably also be doing a practicum on re-skinning at some point.

Blake Mutschler is the owner of Fun N Games, the friendly local game store in Blacksburg, VA (facebookwebsite).

Matthew Highcove writes regularly on DMing with Charisma, his outstanding GM advice blog.

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