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IPMM 120 – Blake Spoils Everything – Pre-Show

“They’re baaaack!”

Dana, Elle, and Blake chat before recording our new feature!


  • Dreamation recap
  • The worlds most musically stupid man
  • Where we’ve all been
  • Blake plays with dynamite

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IPMM 71: LongCon, Faith and Religion in Games

“Quick – poop and flee!”

Dave talks about going to the inaugural Chicago LongCon and playing in Jen‘s great three-session Monsterhearts game.  Then the cast discusses religion, faith, and inscrutable power in general in games.  Is faith something that can be explored in games?  How can you bring a sense of the mysterious/numinous into your game?


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IPMM 64: The Evolution of the Role-Playing Gamer

“All Drums Go to Hell”

We discuss how gamers grow and change over time, including what motivates them.  We cover our own experiences, and how coming from traditional versus indie role-playing games changes the course of players’ evolution (but often not where they end up, given enough time).

Other topics mentioned include:

Note: regardless of how it may sound we did not record this episode in a submarine.  Sorry for the over-compression.

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Bonus Episode: Gen Con 2013 Report

Dave and Yanni recap their adventures at Gen Con 2013!

Relevant topics:

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