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IPMM 78: Established Campaign Settings

“In the dark grimness of the grim-dark, there is only grim darkness.”

In this episode we talk about playing in existing worlds, including settings created specifically for games (e.g. Forgotten Realms, Warhammer 40K) and those from licensed IP (e.g. Firefly, Star Wars Expanded Universe).

Stuff in this episode:

  • Warhammer 40K fluff is epic.
  • How is Forgotten Realms like a neutron star?
  • How do different creative agendas interact/conflict with established settings?
  • How do you play in an established universe without running afoul of “fluff lawyers”?
  • Where should you set your campaign within an established setting?

Other relevant links:

(Yes, we realize we’re out of order again. “IPMM 77: Pokemon” will probably be posted after our next AP.)

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IPMM 51 – Bonus Episode: Skill and Magic Systems

“Submachine Gun: The Submachine-Gunning”

As Dave and Yanni prepare to go off to Indy for GenCon, we’re tossing out a relatively short round-table with three of our hosts.  In this episode, we talk about D&D Next, then about skill and magic systems in role-playing games in general.  We come to the following conclusions:

  • We like skill systems that let heroic characters do stuff
  • We like magic systems that are open-ended, not ones that make you pick from pre-generated lists of spells

Also, at one point, Dave refers to “Old School Revolution” – it’s actually “Old School Renaissance” [Sorry. –Ed].

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IPMM 26: Find the Path

“Hey, DUNCAN, this kid named DUNCAN, two years ago…”

In this episode, we plug some great tabletop games and complain about parts of some of the more traditional RPGs we’re playing.

What is it that makes games like Iron Kingdoms and Pathfinder frustrating? How can we make them better?  We don’t figure everything out, but we decide we definitely don’t hate D&D.

We wrap up with some video game talk and a few plugs.

Stuff in this episode:



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