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IPMM 69: The Social Justice Episode

“… but that implies your average male gamer thinks of women as people.”

This episode is mostly bitching.  Forgive us.

Stuff you might want links to:

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IPMM 36: Good and Evil

“But thou must!”

In this episode, we talk about moral choices in both video and tabletop games:

  • How are moral choices presented?
  • How does the world react to those choices?
  • How are the choices ultimately rewarded?
  • What makes playing a good or evil character rewarding?
  • What makes for an interesting evil character?
  • How should a GM treat an interesting evil character?



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IPMM 34: Comic Sans

“Leave Justin Bieber alone!”

In this rather rambling banter episode, we cover a bunch of ground, including where the infamous Comic Sans font came from, the “new sincerity”, and how we feel about exploits in console games.

If you’d prefer to skip everything else, actual RPG discussion only happens near the end, starting at about 32 minutes.  We cover player agency, mostly in the context of our Monsterhearts game. What happens when the MC takes control of a PC, even temporarily?  How can you make it interesting and not unfun for the player?

Topics worthy of linking:


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IPMM 30: The Eternal Dr. Wurmple

“In which we discuss some things that were relevant about a month ago, and some things that were relevant years ago.”

In this remarkably focused discussion, we talk about our formative years playing video games, and specifically, about the games which captured us for marathon play sessions.

This is bracketed by a couple of rants by Dave (one of which he gets to put his game dev hat back on for) and the story of possibly one of the longest-lived Pokemon of all time.

Topics covered:



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IPMM 17: Bad Plot

“It’s like waking up with a raccoon clawing at your face.”

Yanni starts by plugging a couple of new games. Then we talk about bad endings, bad plots, inconsistencies, and stuff that just irks us in TV shows and movies.  Stuff referenced in this episode:


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