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IPMM 78: Established Campaign Settings

“In the dark grimness of the grim-dark, there is only grim darkness.”

In this episode we talk about playing in existing worlds, including settings created specifically for games (e.g. Forgotten Realms, Warhammer 40K) and those from licensed IP (e.g. Firefly, Star Wars Expanded Universe).

Stuff in this episode:

  • Warhammer 40K fluff is epic.
  • How is Forgotten Realms like a neutron star?
  • How do different creative agendas interact/conflict with established settings?
  • How do you play in an established universe without running afoul of “fluff lawyers”?
  • Where should you set your campaign within an established setting?

Other relevant links:

(Yes, we realize we’re out of order again. “IPMM 77: Pokemon” will probably be posted after our next AP.)

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IPMM 75: Fucking Moffat

“Science fiction has created a superior Jesus.”

In this discussion episode, we kvetch about Steven Moffat, current writer for Doctor Who, and how the show’s writing may not be as spectacular as it used to be.  We also talk about what we like about the Doctor’s character – and other hyper-competent, somewhat inscrutable characters like him.

Remarkably, very few spoilers in this one!

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IPMM 69: The Social Justice Episode

“… but that implies your average male gamer thinks of women as people.”

This episode is mostly bitching.  Forgive us.

Stuff you might want links to:

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