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IPMM 81: Interlude – Danger Patrol!

“That’s 10% more pole!”

We break from our usual programming to bring you the deliciously retro and over-the-top antics of the not-officially-finished RPG, Danger Patrol, by John Harper.

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IPMM 80: Let’s Talk About Sex

“Dragon Age II: The Musical”

In this episode we cover a broad gamut of stuff, including a bunch of games and some really neat toys.

Then we talk about sex in video games, which inevitably becomes a discussion of Bioware games, because Bioware.

Obligatory list of topics:

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IPMM 77: Pokémon


Because again, we can’t seem to stay in order, here’s Episode 77.

In this installment, Duncan, our resident Pokémon expert (Poké-expert?) talks about Pokémon X and Y.

Then, Yanni talks board games, Caitlin tells us about her adventures in transhumanism, and we cover a few recent comic book and movie releases (and talk about some of the problems with modern 3D movies).

Also, there are a surprising number of really great quotes.

We also discuss:

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IPMM 79: AW New Sodom Episode 10

“Truth, Justice, and the Post-Apocalyptic Way”

As the first season of New Sodom starts to wrap up, we introduce a new character to kick off the finale:

  • Elle as Truth, Hocus and Wolf of the Maelstrom

In this episode, Truth infiltrates the city, Grace infiltrates the Twygers, Susan plans to infiltrate Omie Wise’s tower, and Lively infiltrates a bear (trust us).  Meanwhile, Mr. Silver plots and Man goes on an adventures.

We’re working on bringing this season home in the next episode or two, so stay tuned!

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IPMM 78: Established Campaign Settings

“In the dark grimness of the grim-dark, there is only grim darkness.”

In this episode we talk about playing in existing worlds, including settings created specifically for games (e.g. Forgotten Realms, Warhammer 40K) and those from licensed IP (e.g. Firefly, Star Wars Expanded Universe).

Stuff in this episode:

  • Warhammer 40K fluff is epic.
  • How is Forgotten Realms like a neutron star?
  • How do different creative agendas interact/conflict with established settings?
  • How do you play in an established universe without running afoul of “fluff lawyers”?
  • Where should you set your campaign within an established setting?

Other relevant links:

(Yes, we realize we’re out of order again. “IPMM 77: Pokemon” will probably be posted after our next AP.)

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Our web host is currently experiencing some issues due to a crash and the long process of restoring user data.  This is causing our server to be very slow; your podcatcher or feed aggregator may report that we’ve timed out or are unreachable, but we’re still here!

We are waiting for them to solve the problems; if they are unable to, we may have to move to different hosting.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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