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IPMM: Bonus – Gen Con 2014 and other announcements

Important stuff:

  • Dana will be at Gen Con 2014!  Unfortunately, she’s the only one of us who could make it. Maybe next year?
  • Dana explains why she is switching to her prototype “girl voice” for good, and what it means for the podcast and for our listeners.
  • Related: we are going to be changing our intro and outtro sequences sometime in the near future.

Other stuff:

  • Tier 3 kazoos
  • Archer
  • DashCon

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Announcements: Origins 2014, Embodiment and Integrity, Glitter Guild at GenCon


  1. Dana will be at Origins Game Fair in Columbus, OH and will be running Souls of Steel on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday!
  2. Caitlin’s new project, Embodiment and Integrity, is live!
  3. Be sure to check out the Glitter Guild at GenCon 2014!  They’ll be performing their incredible “nerdlesque” burlesque on Thursday night. There’s another group performing on Saturday, but be sure to make the GG show – you won’t regret it!

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Bonus Episode: Gen Con 2013 Report

Dave and Yanni recap their adventures at Gen Con 2013!

Relevant topics:

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IPMM 49: The Pre-GenCon Episode

“Chekhov’s Phone Install”

Important Announcement: Dave [Fried] and Yanni [Cooper] will be at GenCon this year!  Both will be running at Games on Demand (GenCon sign-in required) – come by and play or just say hi!

We talk about communications technology in RPGs (cell phones, mostly), what the next “hot” urban fantasy monster will be, how cool Reaper’s new “Bones” line of minis are, Duncan’s new universal minis game “µ” (latest version here), and just in general what we’re all up to.

Bones Cthulhu

The Cthulhu model (unpainted) from the new Reaper Bones minis set.

Other topics discussed in this episode:

And finally, a shout-out to Jenn Martin and Lee Van Sickle out in Chicagoland, who played Fiasco with Joanna and Dave the week this episode was recorded!



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