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IPMM 87: Bonus – Build-Your-Own Magic Draft

“What I try to do in Pokemon games is never have a Mr. Mime.”

In this episode, we talk about the build-your-own Magic: The Gathering draft that’s going on at the local game store (and run by guest host Blake Mutschler).  We also talk about various other gaming topics.  This is a short one, but we’re about to start a massive AP of a brand new game, so stay tuned!

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IPMM 77: Pokémon


Because again, we can’t seem to stay in order, here’s Episode 77.

In this installment, Duncan, our resident Pokémon expert (Poké-expert?) talks about Pokémon X and Y.

Then, Yanni talks board games, Caitlin tells us about her adventures in transhumanism, and we cover a few recent comic book and movie releases (and talk about some of the problems with modern 3D movies).

Also, there are a surprising number of really great quotes.

We also discuss:

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IPMM 30: The Eternal Dr. Wurmple

“In which we discuss some things that were relevant about a month ago, and some things that were relevant years ago.”

In this remarkably focused discussion, we talk about our formative years playing video games, and specifically, about the games which captured us for marathon play sessions.

This is bracketed by a couple of rants by Dave (one of which he gets to put his game dev hat back on for) and the story of possibly one of the longest-lived Pokemon of all time.

Topics covered:



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IPMM 21: Fear and Loathing in GM Land

“Pokemon is clearly the aftermath of a global, apocalyptic war.”

In this episode, Dave, Yanni, and Duncan talk about how to evoke fear (and other emotions) in games and the challenge of transitioning between the GM and player roles.

Stuff we mention:



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