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IPMM 39: Be Gentle, It’s My First Time!

“Learn how to play Korean”

In this episode we talk about running games for the first time – either the first time with a new system, or the first time as a GM.  What keeps people from GMing?  What are some of the challenges of running a game with more experienced players (and how do you handle people who are jerks about it)?

We also talk about Joanna’s awesome Dread scenario (which Dave also ran at Forge Midwest) and how to write Dread questionnaires.  This was Joanna’s first time writing a module or running a game, ever.  We’ll post the scenario at some future point, once we’ve done a final editing pass.

Finally, we talk about Caitlin’s upcoming Apocalypse World campaign.  We talk about silliness in serious games.  Dave and Yanni give some advice from their own experience as MCs.

Stuff mentioned in this episode:


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Bonus Episode: Forge Midwest 2013 Report

Exactly what it says on the tin: Dave regales the cast of his adventures in Madison, Wisconsin.

This is a short one.  Enjoy!



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