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IPMM 36: Good and Evil

“But thou must!”

In this episode, we talk about moral choices in both video and tabletop games:

  • How are moral choices presented?
  • How does the world react to those choices?
  • How are the choices ultimately rewarded?
  • What makes playing a good or evil character rewarding?
  • What makes for an interesting evil character?
  • How should a GM treat an interesting evil character?



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IPMM 30: The Eternal Dr. Wurmple

“In which we discuss some things that were relevant about a month ago, and some things that were relevant years ago.”

In this remarkably focused discussion, we talk about our formative years playing video games, and specifically, about the games which captured us for marathon play sessions.

This is bracketed by a couple of rants by Dave (one of which he gets to put his game dev hat back on for) and the story of possibly one of the longest-lived Pokemon of all time.

Topics covered:



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IPMM 12: The Grind

“It turns out bludgeoning weapons also draw blood.”

This is another potpourri discussion.  We start with hacking the 4th Edition D&D item system (which is definitely in need of hacking). We discuss how weapon proficiencies in D&D have evolved over time (and where the odd AD&D proficiencies came from). Then we talk about how to make story and encounters more interesting in D&D and other combat-heavy traditional games – or not. That kicks off talk about grind in games.

Stuff we reference:


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