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IPMM 28: Innovations in Modern Gaming

“…but not as overused as the gambler’s phallus.”

In this episode, Yanni talks about introducing “traditional” gamers to Apocalypse World, and we analyze some of the innovations that set modern games apart from their older cousins.¬† Here’s a (partial) list of the things we came up with; not every game does every one of them, but having more seems to be better than having fewer, and some of them can be worked into any game:

  • Make failure interesting.
  • Make the rules about what the game is supposed to be about.
  • Reward the players for doing the things you want to see in the game.
  • Create mechanics that are win-win.
  • Add mechanics/rewards to the stuff players will do anyway.
  • Include rules or guidance for scene-framing.
  • Try to create a common vision/agenda for the game and the fiction among the players.

Here’s the audio link:


And here are some of the topics touched on in the podcast:


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IPMM 21: Fear and Loathing in GM Land

“Pokemon is clearly the aftermath of a global, apocalyptic war.”

In this episode, Dave, Yanni, and Duncan talk about how to evoke fear (and other emotions) in games and the challenge of transitioning between the GM and player roles.

Stuff we mention:



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