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IPMM 102: A Warhammer Royale with Cheese

“My wife split into two people (one of which is very small).”

IPMM welcomes the newest member of our family – congrats to Duncan and Wendy on the birth of their first child!

In this episode:

  • Joanna tells us about her garden and her contingency plans for the zombie apocalypse.
  • Will and Caitlin tell us about the horror that is Uncle Grandpa.
  • Dana tells us about her plans for Game Chef – turns out her entry was chosen as a finalist!
  • Elle starts learning Warhammer Fantasy.
  • We discuss the new Psyker rules in Warhammer 40K and how balanced they are (or not).
  • We discuss when a player using corner cases in the rules to exact a mechanical advantage is legitimate and when it’s just cheesy.
  • Yanni talks about his newest addiction, Dragon Coins.
  • We talk about DLC, pay-to-play, and product placement.
  • Finally, we talk about what “freedom of speech” actually means in the context of the internet.

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Dana on The Jank Cast!

Dana was recently on The Jank Cast, talking about game design and her recent selection as a Game Chef finalist.

Here’s a link to the Jank Cast episode.

Here’s a link to the Game Chef entry, The Three and the Wheel.

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