IPMM 09: Apocalypse World Season 2 Episode 1

“What the hell happened to you?”

We return to Sunktown three years later for the conclusion of our two-part Apocalypse World campaign.

A lot has changed.  A lot has not.

This session is quite long because we do “love letters”, get to know the new characters, and catch up on what’s happening in the old characters’ lives before the actual play starts.  This one is a little slow because we’re feeling out the characters and the new environment, but over the course of Season 2 we make huge improvements in play speed and scene framing (we learned a lot playing this campaign).

Dave is the MC. Here’s the cast:

  • Caitlin as Big Fucker, the Faceless and Boo, the Angel
  • Will as Found, the Hocus
  • Yanni as Eliza, the Savvyhead and Twice, the Operator
  • Duncan as Absinthe, the Battlebabe and Ricarra, the Hardholder

IPMM 09: Apocalypse World Season 2 Episode 1

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