IPMM 24: Monsterhearts Episode 1

“I’ve given you everything.”

Disclaimer/Trigger Warning: The content of this Actual Play may disturb some listeners. Topics may include teen sexuality, abuse (sexual, physical, emotional), rape, body-shaming/eating disorders, and criminal activity.  We do not pull punches, though we try to give serious issues the gravity they deserve.  If this doesn’t seem like the sort of thing you want to listen to, go listen to our Apocalypse World APs instead (they’re way tamer – no, seriously).

With that out of the way, this season of Joe McDaldno’s Monsterhearts features:

  • Will as Chloe, the Infernal
  • Duncan as Robin, the Mortal
  • Caitlin as Mara, the Ghoul
  • Joanna as Chassie, the Werewolf
  • Dave as Gabriel, the Chosen
  • … and Yanni as the MC

This recording covers the introduction to the game, character creation, and our first day of class.  Hope you enjoy it!



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