IPMM 22: Vesna Thaw, Part 1

“In a hole. Full of radiation. With no sunlight. And no food. Also sewage.”

This is Part 1 of NDP Design’s “microgame”, Vesna Thaw. It’s a fun little game (and I emphasize “little” – the rules fit on about eight pages) that has each player piloting a giant robot in post-nuclear-holocaust Soviet Russia.

The most fun part of this game was collaboratively drawing the robots:

Claw Robot

Duncan’s Claw Robot from Vesna Thaw

Parasol Robot

Will’s Parasol Robot from Vesna Thaw

Racecar Robot

Dave’s Racecar Robot from Vesna Thaw

Bat Robot

Yanni’s Bat Robot from Vesna Thaw

After that, play was fun but long. We’ve broken the audio into two episodes, each about an hour and a half long.


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