IPMM 01: Apocalypse World Season 1 Episode 4

“Battle at the Tanks”

A recording from our first play of Vincent Baker’s Apocalypse World. Just like Star Wars, we’re starting three episodes in (Dave didn’t have his microphone yet for the first three). Don’t worry – you’ll figure it out quick enough.

Dave is the MC for this campaign.  The players and their characters are:

  • Caitlin as Big Fucker, the Faceless
  • Will as Found, the Hocus
  • Yanni as Eliza, the Savvyhead
  • Duncan as Absinthe, the Battlebabe

The game takes place in Sunktown, a flooded, post-environmental apocalypse city (or really, part of a suburb), somewhere in the American northwest.  The local hardholder is Mercer, who runs Sunktown with his partner Shan.  They tolerate Found’s cult because they can’t afford not to.  The closest rival settlement is Skull Head, run by the wily Ricarra.

The world itself is perpetually wet and overcast, and there is a pervasive, parasitic rot that affects anyone who spends too much time in the swamp.

And the swamp is everywhere.

IPMM 01: Apocalypse World Season 1 Episode 4

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