IPMM 89: The Sword, the Crown, and the Unspeakable Power, Episode 1 (Intro Session)

“Meet the Fuckers”

It’s time to get to know the characters!  For this game, we’ve got:

  • Elle as Tal, the Hex
  • Yanni as We, the Beloved
  • Duncan as Quinn, the Gauntlet
  • Joanna as Lamb, the Bloodletter
  • Will as Rook, the Spur
  • Caitlin as Fellow, the Voice
  • … and D as the MC

This is the first session, after character and world creation.  It’s a slice of day-in-the-life, using a technique D cribbed from Todd Nicholas and Megan Pedersen’s Time Cellist – have each character run into the next in an organic sort of way (it mostly worked).  There’s not a lot of rolling; you’ll have to wait for Episode 2 to see the mechanics really engage.

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