IPMM 43: Monsterhearts Finale


The Hiver

The Hiver (image courtesy of Curiomira)

Mara is dead, Chloe is gone, Chassie’s gang and Gabe’s team are in tatters, and the Hiver is still out there… somewhere.  What’s a Chosen to do? Oh, right, go kill the monster.

Except that won’t be quite as easy as anyone expects, even if they can figure out how to counteract its power and use its secret weakness against it.  You see, the Hiver has a new friend…

At the end of this episode, for the sake of time, we go into “full cinematic” mode and stop rolling dice. Fortunately, it works because we’ve all got a really good notion of the shared fiction. However, we realize that we’re not playing the game as intended, so apologies to anyone who wanted to see the final interaction played out that way.

We’re pretty sure you’ll find the end product entertaining, though!



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