IPMM 56: Hillfolk Demo

This episode was recorded just before Gen Con.  Because Yanni was a Kickstarter backer for Hillfolk, we got the game early and wanted to record an AP before the official release.  Unfortunately, circumstances prevented us from posting it up before the con.

We’re calling this a “demo” rather than an “AP” because we didn’t feel like we got a full session in.  We got through world creation and had some really interesting scenes (including one procedural scene) but we all wished we had had more time to flesh out the characters and explore the setting a little more.  Still, it’s a good listen and if you’re at all interested in Hillfolk (and you should be!) you will not regret the download.

This episode features a couple of Podcast Magic Missile guests: Duncan’s wife Wendy and our friend Braden.


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