IPMM 111: Souls of Steel – Fist of Apollo Episode 1


This is one of two parallel playtest campaigns of Souls of Steel, Elle, Dana, and Yanni’s new game (see this post for more info.) The campaigns will be running in parallel for the next couple of months.

In this campaign, we have:

  • James T. as Feral Black, the Specialist [Scout]
  • Joanna as Gram the Veteran [Quartermaster]
  • Patrick as Yx the Misfit [Test-Pilot]
  • Duncan as Chet the Rookie [Medic]
  • Dana as Artemis the Leader [Sniper]
  • and Will as Command

We’re working out a new intro, we’ve got new people producing, and Dana is still trying to figure out her new voice (the AP was recorded a while ago), but overall we think things will be quite entertaining.


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