What’s up with I Podcast Magic Missile?

Glad you asked!

Unfortunately, for pretty much the last couple of months, the answer has been “not much”.

Due to hitting the deep, dark heart of my gender transition, I have been pulled away from my producer duties (and to be honest, most of my life).  Things are improving, though, and I’m excited to get back to playing, chatting, and editing audio at work while I write reams and reams of high-test engineering code.

I want to pass on a sincere apology to all of our fans who  have been wondering where we’ve been. We’re still here, even if life sometimes gets in the way. And we will continue to work on getting Souls of Steel out the door, as well as going to various cons on the East Coast and the Midwest.

So do not fret – we should be around for at least the rest of 2015!


Your still slightly frazzled producer, Dana

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