IPMM 72: Story Time #3 – The One Piece Campaign (Part 1)

“I had plastic surgery.  And got hit by a bus.”

The strippers return to the chocolate fountain for another episode of Story Time with Blake and Highcove!

In this episode, our guest hosts talk about their campaign based on the One Piece anime/manga franchise. They talk about why D&D 4E is such a good system for simulating the shōnen genre and how to “re-skin” classes and powers for added effect.  Then they recap the comic highlights of the campaign itself.

We’ve broken this episode up into two pieces because irony.

Part two will be released next week.  We’ll probably also be doing a practicum on re-skinning at some point.

Blake Mutschler is the owner of Fun N Games, the friendly local game store in Blacksburg, VA (facebookwebsite).

Matthew Highcove writes regularly on DMing with Charisma, his outstanding GM advice blog.

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