Bonus Episode – James and the Giant B-Movie

“There’s nothing wrong with being Jewish…”

In this potpurri episode, we talk about computer games, and special guest James tells us about the SyFy original movie Decoys, the greatest movie of all time.*

* for very specific definitions of “greatest movie of all time”

Also, an important announcement:

The producer formerly known as Dave is transgender and is now about three months into the process of a gender transition. You may have already seen her (online) as Dana; she expects to go full-time IRL sometime in the latter half of this year.  Be prepared for some changes over the course of the summer and fall, but be assured that (other than an occasional delay caused by a necessary medical procedure) this should have very little impact on the podcast.

If you’re not familiar with transgender issues, we recommend the following resources from GLAAD:


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